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Protecting bats requires sustained attention, effort, and global support. Monthly givers are the lifeline that allows us to confidently plan our conservation efforts well into the future. 

For nearly 40 years, Bat Conservation International has been a leader in the conservation of bats and their ecosystems. Conserving the world's bats takes considerable resources, and that’s why we’re asking you to become a sustaining member today.

With your ongoing support, we can achieve long-term solutions to the challenges facing bats around the world. Your gifts help to create a world where these important mammals and their habitats are protected and appreciated.

Bat Conservation International is undertaking some of the highest impact conservation efforts happening anywhere in the world. But we need your ongoing support to do so. 

Ensure their continued survival now and into the future with your sustaining gift today.
  • Location: Global
  • Key missions:
    • Implementing endangered species interventions such as acquiring and protecting important habitats for bats that are in imminent threat.
    • Protecting and restoring landscapes such as subterranean roosts and agave nectar corridors on which bats rely for survival.
    • Conducting high-priority research and developing scalable solutions to threats such as White-nose Syndrome and bat fatalities at wind energy facilities.
    • Inspiring through experience so that future generations understand the importance of bats to our health and prosperity.

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