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Wind turbines dot the landscape


Bat fatalities from collisions with wind energy turbines are now one of the leading causes of observed mortality of bats globally. Hundreds of thousands of bats are killed each year by wind turbines in the United States and Canada. Fatality rates from wind turbines are high enough to cause rapid declines in populations and increase risk of extinction for migratory species, such as the hoary bat.

BCI recognizes that wind energy is an important and growing sector of the renewable energy market and that developing renewable energy sources is necessary for resolving global climate change and reducing its impact on the planet.

BCI helps test innovative methods, such as smart curtailment systems and acoustic deterrents, to mitigate bat fatalities at wind farms, but we need your support to promote these solutions and bring them to scale.

  • Location: Starting in the U.S. with global implications
  • Species supported:
    • North American bats
    • Hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus) which makes up one-third of known fatalities at wind energy facilities in North America
    • Federally endangered Hawaiian hoary bat (Lasiurus semotus) whose limited range on the islands of Hawaii makes it especially vulnerable
  • Actions: Promotion of effective mitigation tools to wind energy facilities.

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