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A Jamaican bat roosts in a cave


With a new study concluding that 500 species of terrestrial vertebrates are on the brink of extinction – with populations disappearing at a rate more rapid than ever before – the urgency of conserving species has never been more clear. This is particularly true for bats and these findings are especially concerning as the number of bat species threatened with extinction is likely underestimated.

Now, more than ever, bats need your help. Together, we can end bat extinctions worldwide. But we need your help.

The time to protect these animals is running out. According to research published last month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the critical window for preventing catastrophic loss is within the next 10 to 15 years. We cannot wait. With every moment wasted, these threatened species grow more vulnerable.

  • Location: Global
  • Species of note for our work:
    • Fijian Free-tailed Bat
    • Florida Bonneted Bat
    • Jamaican Flower Bat
    • Jamaican Greater Funnel-eared Bat
    • Rwanda’s Hill’s Horseshoe Bat
    • Livingstone's Fruit Bat
  • Actions: Research, land acquisition and management, habitat assessments and restorations, other interventions.

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